About us

Quality iPhone Repair was started by Richard Stuart, in 2012.
Richard is a Computer Scientist with over 10 years experience in corporate technology. Working in both hardware and software teams.

Quality iPhone repair has been helping domestic and business clients stay connected, by offering convenient, fast and affordable repairs.
Richard discovered when starting the business that the problem with a lot of highstreet repairers was their lack of actual technical experience and the quality of parts they were using were substandard. These reasons are why the business is called Quality iPhone Repair.

The strive to provide a convenient service and reliable parts to their customers has been a prominent value throughout the business.

The Citizens Advice Mobile Phone Service Charter

Quality iPhone Repair is a proud and contributing member of the mobile phone service charter.
It is designed for repairers that are committed to an excellent level of customer service.

The charter is endorsed by Bucks & Surrey Trading Standards, Chiltern District Council, Amersham Town Council and Chesham Town Council

There are currently no industry accreditations or standards for independant smartphone repairers. Quality iPhone Repair jumped at the oppportunity to be a member of this new initiative run by the citizen advice team.

If you would like to view the Charter please click here.